Recording Folkish: Traveling to Sequim, WA

Last year, when I set out to record Folkish in the Pacific Northwest, I had no idea what kind of world I would be releasing this music into. I am lucky to have been able to finish this record despite everything that has unfolded since. 

Amidst 2020, I feel a kind of importance behind this work that I haven't felt in a long time. Music creation has always been a way for me to process the world, to heal, and to connect and create community with others. 

The songs on Folkish (except "Silence") were written on guitar and arranged for acoustic instruments with the intention of playing live acoustic sets with a full band. It seems simultaneously like yesterday and a thousand years ago that the debut performance of that band was cancelled because of the pandemic.

One day I'll get back to the stage, but until then I hope you will enjoy the energetic, all-acoustic sound of Folkish. 

Folkish is available everywhere beginning October 30th, 2020.
beginning September 25th, 2020


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