...her voice has that jazz age warmth, range, and power that is both sad and resilient...”

Annie Hendrix

New songs the old way.

Annie writes songs about everything - nature, good times and bad times, philosophy, love, and death. She brings them to life with an acoustic band featuring steel and nylon string guitar, oud, double bass, and percussion.

Her understated vocal floats on top of an an energetic band, playfully interpreting the train beat of old American country music, the classic jazz shuffle, British Isle folk waltzes and ballads, and the occasional deep-pocket classic rock groove of old. Annie often plays listening hour, but don't be surprised if you catch yourself dancing in your seat.

Annie has played in bars and clubs, weddings, wineries, and festivals as part of other projects. Now, she brings together some familiar faces to showcase the songs she has been carefully crafting over the years.  

She has been awarded Best Song, Runner Up at West Coast Songwriter's monthly song competition in  Berkeley and the Donna Peterson Vocal Prize from Mills College.

Sample Track


Please e-mail inquiries to anniehendrixmusic@gmail.com