Comissions and Collaborations

Since 2013,  Annie has enjoyed composing music for theatre, film, video games, records, and live performance. Her portfolio contains work that spans genres including folk songs, choral music, pop, comedic songs, art songs, and instrumental electronic music.

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Spin Off

The Imaginists Theatre Collective 

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"Spin Off" premeired on November 30th, 2018 at The Imaginists Theatre Collective in Santa Rosa, CA and closed on January 26, 2019. This episodic theater production followed the framework of a television sitcom, complete with theme song and laugh track, and offered new episodes and re-runs every week. 

The material was written and produced by The Imaginsts and the theme song and outro recordings were composed and produced by Annie Hendrix.


Team E

"The T.E.T.R.I.S. module has been installed. Your mission must be uncovered. Stay hidden. Stay safe". 

Textris was first created by Team E for Ludam Dare 41, a competitive game jam event where small teams assemble to create a theme-based game in 48 hours. In this text adventure puzzle game mash up, you play as a cyborg in a dystopian near-future, decoding messages by playing a text-based variation of Tetris. Of 3,048 submissions, the game scored 119th overall. An updated version of the game was re-released on on July 7th, 2018. 

Team E 
Writing by Ramia Adaeze and Gabe Wood 
Programming by Ramia Adaeze and Ryan King 
Score by Annie Hendrix 
Sound Design and Audio Programming by Travis W. Hendrix 

Overall: 119th (3.991 average from 56 ratings) 
Fun: 412th (3.472 average from 56 ratings) 
Innovation: 9th (4.435 average from 56 ratings) 
Theme: 10th (4.565 average from 56 ratings) 
Graphics: 359th (3.837 average from 54 ratings) 
Audio: 126th (3.86 average from 52 ratings) 
Humor: 618th (2.819 average from 49 ratings) 
Mood: 39th (4.236 average from 55 ratings)

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