Annie Hendrix is a creative writer, performer, and recording artist from Northern California.  Her recent work includes Folkish, a 9-track album of original songs, and children's music production for education technology company Enuma.

Annie holds a bachelor of arts in music from Mills College and is skilled in voice, performance, music production, and songwriting. Her husband Travis W. Hendrix is a music composer and producer as well, and the two have worked as a husband-and-wife-team on music for films, video games, and musicals. 

Annie has continued to deepen her knowledge of the craft of writing by earning a creative writing certificate online from Weslelyan University/Coursera in 2021, and currently studies comedy writing at Sacramento Comedy Spot. 

Annie lives in the greater Sacramento area where she enjoys exploring the Sierra foothills with her husband, caring for her brothers with autism, and participating in the arts.