Team E
"The T.E.T.R.I.S. module has been installed. Your mission must be uncovered. Stay hidden. Stay safe".

Textris was first created by Team E for Ludam Dare 41, a competitive game jam event where small teams assemble to create a theme-based game in 48 hours. In this text adventure puzzle game mash up, you play as a cyborg in a dystyopian near-future, decoding messages by playing a text-based variation of tetris. Of 3,048 submissions, the game scored 119th overall. An updated version of the game was re-released on itch.io on July 7th, 2018.

Team E
Writing by Ramia Adaeze and Gabe Wood
Programming by Ramia Adaeze and Ryan King
Score by Annie Hendrix
Sound Design and Audio Programming by Travis W. Hendrix

Overall: 119th (3.991 average from 56 ratings)
Fun: 412th (3.472 average from 56 ratings)
Innovation: 9th (4.435 average from 56 ratings)
Theme: 10th (4.565 average from 56 ratings)
Graphics: 359th (3.837 average from 54 ratings)
Audio: 126th (3.86 average from 52 ratings)
Humor: 618th (2.819 average from 49 ratings)
Mood: 39th (4.236 average from 55 ratings)