The Tempest by the Sea: 6 Famous Speeches at Sutro Baths

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

The music composed for this installment of the series included two musical settings of portions of poetic text from The Tempest by William Shakespeare. The first is Full Fathom Five, a short choral work in four parts. The other is Where the Bee Sucks, performed simply and playfully in the midst of Ariel's famous speech which begins “All hail, grave master, grave sir, hail!...”

The Tempest By the Sea took place at various locations in the Sutro Baths and included famous speech #19 of SF Shake's free outdoor series, 35 Famous Speeches in 35 Famous Places.

Julian Lopez-Morillas* (Prospero), Anne Yumi Kobori (Ariel), John R. Lewis* (Caliban)
Directed by Sharon Huff, Jamie Freebury, and Will Shattuc
Music Composed by Annie Hendrix