Stranger: Live at Littlefield Concerthall

X Sound Festival

Stranger: Live at Littlefliled Concerthall is a collection of recordings and videos of Annie's performance at Littlefield Concert Hall as part of X Sound Festival, a showcase for senior student compositions at Mills College. The songs, written and arranged during Annie's time at Mills, explore themes of personal identity, death, and growth. She was accompanied by Yesenia Checa on vibraphone and bass drum and Travis W. Hendrix on double bass and was awarded the Donna Peterson Vocal Prize by the Mills College music department for the performance.

Audio recordings of "Stranger" and "One of the Wise Ones" were released on Bandcamp in June of 2017. Video of the performance was captured by the Mills College music department and is available on DVD.


ONE OF THE WISE ONES explores various aspects of “the human condition,” including growth, identity, aspiration, and mortality, through the eyes of a fictional character as they gazes into a mirror.

UPON THE PATHS OF MEN is a musical setting of an excerpt of Charles Sumner by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

STRANGER poses questions about personal identity and makes frequent allusions to various philosophical and psychological perspectives. The first verse centers around the legend of the Ship of Theseus. The second focuses on Hume’s bundle theory of personal identity. The third addresses Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious.